Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My ad(hoc)ventures......still continued( this'll be the last one, I swear!!)

3. My tryst with CWD

Recently got enrolled in the Bidhannagar Youth Computer Training Centre, hoping to become the next wiz in web designing… and everything was going on quite smoothly for a couple of months… I mean, with us enjoying the classes and learning quite a few interesting and new stuff like html and javascript and all that…and the instructor promising to move on to advanced designing with “Dreamweaver” very soon….
But as can be expected in the majority of cases, the dedication that the instructors possessed towards the students and their courses was on the wane…there were brief periods of complete inactivity, and though we integrated those inactive periods into our “gossip” time, still, it was really not worth travelling more than twenty kilometers just to hear some juicy stories…
The growing nonchalance of the instructors, their refuge in frequent “just-ask-me-if-you-have-a-problem-with-your-earlier-lessons” cases, quite a few instances of days where the previously mentioned sessions were all that was done in classes made us a bit skeptical about the future prospects of this course…and the instructors seemed contended to let us search for our doubts class after class without really coming up with anything…
And when all these factors were forcing us to rethink our future course of action, came a sudden stimulus in form of a demand from the institute, asking us to pay two installments for the course fee in order to continue with the course….so, already having paid around one and half thousand bucks and feeling convinced that the future classes were going to be no more interesting than what was going on now, I was confronted by a decisive question—what to do next?? The fact that I had always been a bit of a miser did contribute a bit…but mostly it was the other factors I mentioned before which forced me to decide that I ahd to quit this course…so on the very day they had asked to submit the next lot of installments, they got the message that I had decided to give up this venture for good….
So there ended my aspirations to become a web designer…well, not completely, ‘cos I did manage to learn quite a few important stuff during my brief stint as a student, but the fact remains that there indeed remained a lot to be covered….
So much for “Dreamweaving”……….
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Soham Talukdar said...

The only issue worth mentioning was regarding the RECEPTIONIST and her SISTER.. :D