Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guilt. Yeah, that's the first thing that came to my head, when I finally started typing. For having neglected it for so long. Or for not making good use of the "Delete Blog" option and freeing some amount of cyberspace for others. I know its free, but that's still no excuse for wasting some good cyberspace....
Well, it was just around the summer break last year that I had first tried my hand at blogging, inspired no doubt, from the complete lack of any other interesting or engaging activity. I remember that I had assumed that as it had only been a year in college, that is why I did not have any stuff to do at home. I had also assumed that from the next year onwards, I would be somewhat engaged in something or the other, maybe a project or a training, or for that matter, even a vacation trip somewhere. Well, second year's gone, but things have not much improved, atleast for me, because I still am sitting at my home, bored to death, without anything to do. My daily routine consists of sleeping, movies, books and internet. Too much monotonous, even for my liking. I need a break. Well, could have got one too, with so many trainings and VTs and projects that everyone's invovled in, it's really difficult not to have landed up with something. But, again, I had underestimated my own penchant for procastination. I had started diging up stuff on summer trainings and project opportunities long back in December last year, and had collected quite a few stuff on trainings and fellowships offered to engineering students. But the folder named "Summer trainings and projects" still shows a last modified/accessed date of 24th January,2010. That's the time around which I started losing my enthusiasm and interest in all that, and by the time the applications came out and the deadlines arrived, my enthusiasm had gone down to such "abyss"-mic levels that I did not bother to apply for most of them, and when I finally did, it was either after the deadlines, or after all the seats were occupied, or the concerned authorities were no longer interested in entertaining any such applications. So, apparently, I have convicted myself, to another summer of nothing but utter boredom, tempered by occasional relief provided by the internet, and the 160 GB hard disk which I have crammed with as many movies and books and music as I could get my hands on. So, probably, I'll be posting a few stuff here and there on my blog now, now that I have nothing better to do. Having nothin better to do, I've finally decided on a month-long trip to Delhi- Chandigarh. I certainly hope that if nothing else, it will help me with a few posts on this almost-defunct blog.

Till then,
Signing off

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